Our success is measured by how pleased you are with your new kitchen. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction, and we are proud to share some of our success stories with you. Here's some of what people are saying about Kitchensmith:

Have I told you lately... how much I love our new kitchen???? Every time I walk into the kitchen or start to do something I think "I LOVE my kitchen!" The final inspection was completed this morning. The guy walked in - took the paper from the door and put in on the counter and without asking any questions said, "I’m just going to sign this right here," and turned around and left. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your management and for your talented colleagues!

PS: Dottie and Susan came for "tea in the new kitchen" this morning and gave their stamp of approval. Susan especially loved your corner sink with the raised shelf design, Chad. She gave it rave commentary! You must come soon and have the final grand tour of all completed.

Carol P.
Chelmsford, MA

Chad worked with us from start to finish on the design and implementation of our kitchen remodeling project. He understood our vision and his suggestions of materials and design to attain that was perfect. He was very attentive to the various requirements we had and made sure that each was met. He was always available for in-person meetings and phone conversations.

Chad was able to work with the contractor to solve particularly tough requests wonderfully (such as the stainless steel legs for the custom kitchen table extension from the countertop which required precise measurement, positioning and support; or, the unique requirements for a 2-door appliance garage). We love our kitchen and it has also received rave reviews from our friends. I would recommend Chad to anyone!

K. Danielian
Southborough, MA

As a contractor it’s extremely important that I refer my clients to someone I trust to take care of them—Kitchensmith does that and more! I love hearing how much they enjoy working with Chad and Meera because their experience reflects directly on me. For creative design, quality products and installation, I highly recommend Kitchensmith Fine Cabinetry and Design.

Scott H.
Woodland Residential, Inc., Natick, MA

Kitchensmith Fine Cabinetry and Design is my go-to place for all my kitchen and bath projects. Chad and Meera are fantastic! Attentive, thorough, and responsive—they make my job easier—especially when unexpected issues arise when remodeling older houses, as they inevitably do, we can work as a team to bring the project together. Whether I’m doing a multi-unit project or recommending them to one of my customers for their creative approach and design expertise, I know it’s going to go smoothly. As a builder, having Kitchensmith on my team is a win-win for everyone.

Jim M.
JMAC Builders, Natick, MA